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Do you follow the team everywhere? Become a champion in premium insurance and score the most amazing gifts!

Citius Insurance Brokers in collaboration with Anytime and Olympiacos give you the chance to win great gifts by buying any vehicle contract.

The process is simple:

Βήμα 1: Calculate your vehicle's premiums by entering your active membership card code from the site: Motor Insurance

Βήμα 2: Securely and quickly insure your vehicle and you will immediately receive your contract and all necessary documents by email from the site: Motor Insurance

Choose a contract and you will get clothing with your team's logos, depending on the insurance and duration you choose! Everyone wins! From the site: Motor Insurance

Remember that:

  • The offer applies only to any new car insurance. passenger car, two-wheel drive and only once per insured vehicle.
  • There is no limit on the insurance of different vehicles using the same Olympic Sports Card number
  • The Voucher is sent by e-mail and sms within 10 days of payment and is valid for six (6) months. Otherwise, the offer will cease to be valid.

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Our Work

At CITIUS we are working with the most trusted insurance companies in the field, and we attach great importance to designing the client's insurance needs in the interests of the client.

Benefits of Insurance Services

In cooperation with the largest insurance companies, Citius consultants provide you with the most reliable solutions to find the ideal insurance program based on your needs.

Vehicle Insurance

The car is a useful means in our daily journeys, but also an important asset.

Property Insurance

Residence is of high importance and value and we should safeguard it against possible dangers.

Life & Health Insurance

Our most precious and important asset.

Boat Insurance

Boat Insurance combines safety and security with the enjoyment of a trip to the sea.

Transport Insurance

Merchandise insurance against transport risks secures compensation for any loss or damage of the transported goods.

Civil Liability

Civil liability is the coverage of risks to third parties (employees, customers, suppliers, shareholders) and is mutually advantageous.


We are always beside you for questions or problems you may have.

Phone support

Phone support from qualified partners for questions about insurance and cover packages


You can call us and make an appointment with one of our partners for any queries or questions.